Sandra Bullet


A Life's Dream Where did it start? I couldn't tell you. I don't have any musicians in the family. I always loved to sing, I first stepped on a stage when I was 11 years old. When I was 13 I started to write my first songs, even though I didn't have any knowledge of musical theory. In 2006 I was 18, I had dropped out of school and started working in Coimbra, when I noticed an add from a rock band looking for lead vocals. I went to an audition and that's when I met Ricardo, Rui and Eduardo, the rest of the band that later called themselves Silver Bullet. We made several songs and a few live performances until our guitarist, Rui, decided to leave the band. After that we strive to find other guitar player that could fit the band. We had Pedro, Hugo and Tiago, but finally I decided to assume the place. After 10 years the band drift apart. Eduardo (the bass player) decided to work abroad, and I decided to carry on solo. I had already written many songs, and decided to learn about music recording and production. Nowadays I work with people around the world. I record my voice or guitar for their songs, I sell my music online, and I do live acoustic performances both in person and online (streaming).

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