Doraemi, pronounced ‘do-ray-mi’ (save the singing) is a London bred singer-songwriter who doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve in real life but in her music as well. Having written her first song at the age of fourteen, her pen has never dropped throughout the years, leading her to work for many producers and artists worldwide on genres ranging from R&B to EDM. 
 Why the name? After naming her YouTube Channel ‘Dorayme LaLa’ at thirteen being afraid to use her real name thanks to watching a ton of videos on the New World Order, she realised years later that the username reminded her of when her love for music began. She decided by keeping a revised name, people could be sure that her music would always be true to her. Growing up feeling like an outcast, she drew unlikely inspiration from the games character Lara Croft who through the eyes of her childhood emulated the individual power and strength she desired to have. 
 This admiration can be seen in the themes of her music where she champions self belief and the voices of others to be heard. Her upcoming debut single 'Sidelines' is an opportunity for people to hear Doraemi pour her heart out for young people judged by those around them and the media. As she likes to say 'every tear drop is a bullet', believing in the power behind pain, and she's ready for people to feel as heard and empowered by her music as she is.

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