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Ariana Celaeno is a singer and songwriter from Europe. Her career started when she uploaded her first music on YouTube, since then she appeared on Spotify/iTunes/Apple music and on a lot more platform. She released her first album the girl, who fell in love with the Wolf on December 7, 2018.

For Ariana, music was always an escape. She started to write when she was 9 years old, and sing when she was 6. She never learnt how to sing – she never visited any coach, everything that she knows was self-taught. Her stepmother usually told her to stop singing, because Ariana won’t be a singer eve but she never gave up. When her stepmother moved out of the apartment, she started to practice singing. She was covering songs by herself for years but was too insecure to share it with anyone.

In 2018’s autumn she made her SoundCloud and uploaded a few covers, afterwards decided to write her first song. Ariana’s lyrics have deep meanings, not everybody can see them, but when someone asks, she tells the story of the song. Some refer to her as “The Metaphors Queen” because her songs are filled with metaphors.

Ariana’s life is music, it’s not just a hobby for her; everything around her is built around her music.
She says:

Being a singer is not about fame, being a singer is about making people feel that they aren’t lonely when they are alone. Being a singer is about breaking the silence in a sad, silent mind, being a singer is about healing broken hearts, being a singer… is not just about singing. It’s true for every artist, even if it’s a singer, a painter or any form of the art. Art can’t be measured in money or in fame… art is a feeling what we share with people, so we can help them through the hard times. Art is a kind of pain, but pain can be beautiful.

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