Ariana Celaeno

Europ, Denmark

DJ Chart feat Ariana Celaeno, Turn off the lights



Singer: Turn off the lights





Ariana Celaeno is a singer and songwriter based in Europe. Her music career started when she uploaded her first song to YouTube (why did you lie, 2018). She provides lyrics and vocals for various artists as her full time job, but she also releases her own songs on the side. She released her first album [the girl, who fell in love with the Wolf] on December 7, 2018. “3am in my head” – a song from the album reached a good amount of recognition, and went viral on her birthday.


Ariana had collabs with bigger artists like Adam Xycore, and Metahesh. Cut Me Again – Adam Xycore (feat Ariana Celaeno) went viral, gained more than 600.000+ streams on Spotify, and allegedly Netflix picked it up into two series. In My Mind – METAHESH (feat Ariana Celaeno) also got the recognition, 100.000+ views on YouTube, and 100.000+ streams on Spotify. Digging deeper into Ariana’s childhood, she always found a way to channel her feelings into beautiful melodies, as music was always her only escape. Her childhood wasn’t so easy and she couldn’t fit in. She was raised by her grandparents, but her grandfather didn’t make it until her 9th birthday. “He was my father, when no one else wanted to be. I miss him more than anything” – she says.


The pain inspired her to start writing poetry when she was only 9 years old. Ariana never got any support from anyone, and some even discouraged her dream viciously, but she never gave up. She started to practice at a young age with no constitutional coaching, where she only had herself and the internet to achieve her dream. As of right now, Ariana’s job, life and passion is music. It’s no longer her dream – it’s her career. She is filled with inspiration which comes from pain, loss and love. Everything around her is built around her music.


She says: “Being a singer is not about fame. Being a singer is about making people feel that they aren’t lonely when they are alone. Being a singer is about breaking the silence in a sad, silent mind. Being a singer is about healing broken hearts. Being a singer… is not just about singing. It’s fitting for every artist, even if it’s a singer, a painter or they do any form of art. Art can’t be measured in money or fame. Art is a feeling what we share with people, so we can help them through the hard times. Art is a kind of pain, but pain can be beautiful.”


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