I have made a new Album, with GREAT EMOITIONS, and AI- Video.


The album is bittersweet, sexy with breathtaking R&B, trap ballads, wonderful and sometimes thoughtful dark pop with a touch of sadness. Dive in and enjoy «Great Emotions».


Ivan Herb alias DJ Chart, who usually produces more EDM, Dance, Latin and has shown here that he can also be romantic and soulful.


LISTEN and Enyoy


I. H. Music Productions


AI- Video

24.Februar 2023

Buy The Album (Nach anderthalb Jahren kommt das neue Album)

Das neue Album von DJ Chart ist mit vielen verschiedenen Künstlern entstanden. Jeder bringt etwas Eigenes in den Song und auch einige Duette dürfen nicht fehlen….

Es vereint verschiedene Stiele Pop, House, 70s Funk 80s Synthy Pop,Soul, Dance und Edm, bunt zusammengemischt. Man kann es nicht beschreiben, man muss es hören.

Was es sicher nicht ist, ist langweilig.


Buy the album (After a year and a half the new album is coming)

DJ Chart's new album was created with many different artists. Everyone brings something of their own to the song and some duets should not be missing....

It combines different styles from pop, house, 70s funk, 80s synth pop, soul, dance and edm, all mixed up. You can't describe it, you have to hear it.


What it certainly isn't is boring.


DJ Chart 

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Label I. H. Music Productions 

EAN/UPC 4062851761277 

Release 17.11.2022 

20 Songs 





DJ Chart's latest collaboration with The Man.


Of course, with more than 80 million listeners, it's no stranger.


We don't want to say more.  Please enjoy the music. Have fun 



The Man in the Mirror - Slap House, Deep House, Vocal House 


3 Songs
The Man in the Mirror (Slap House) 

I'm Reaching Out for Love 

The Man in the Mirror (Instrumental) 










DJ CHART & DoBa – «Swiss Kiss» 

DJ Chart (aka Ivan Herb) has been a guarantee for versatile and profound music productions of various styles for the last two decades. His success with 80 million streams on Facebook, TikTok, iTunes, Spotify, etc. clearly confirms this fact.

DJ Chart has just created another and very special song for the dance floors all over the world together with his longtime musician and arrangement partner DoBa (aka Patrick Doba), "Swiss Kiss" is the new feel-good song by these two Swiss performers who powerfully mix the groovy 70s-Disco style with modern beats of today.


Sung melodically and packed with full energy, no eye stays dry here and everyone just has to go with the driving rhythm.

 The personal statement of the duo: «Swiss Kiss» is a comprehensive declaration of love to our home country «Switzerland».

We are all very privileged here in Switzerland and are literally kissed by life in every situation.


Unfortunately, we are not always fully aware of this and therefore often get lost in quarrels over trifles. It's only when you don't enjoy this level of prosperity for a longer time that you realize how important a "Swiss kiss" can be and that you can feel comfortable and secure with it everywhere.

 DJ Chart & DoBa have implemented the positive touch of all Swiss life situations fully in their current song "Swiss Kiss” - Check it out and enjoy!

Other projects

Happy Birthday Songs

  • POP
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Tropical 
  • EDM


Schenke Freude mit einem Geburtstags Song im Geschmack Deines Freundes






The Man - I'm Reaching Out for Love

Veröffentlichung am 9 Jun 2022

Thanks for the cooperation

DJ Chart - Latin - Reggaeton

Veröffentlichung am 1 Mai 2022

Reggaeton Track ‘Hola Carino’ by Artist Dj-Chart Is Musically Upbeat, Joyous, and Cheerful

‘Hola Carino’ by a very versatile artist Dj-Chart is impressive in every aspect. The song carries a jolly and cheerful vibe. Listen to it on Spotify


Switzerland May 13, 2022 (  - Musically Jolly and cheerful, the song ‘Hola Carino’ is a perpetual piece of reggaeton music. The song is highly energetic and engaging. It carries the essence of the Caribbean music; their tribal ways of celebrating through songs. The artist Dj-Chart has given a prolific musical track that keeps the calibre to mount the top of the chart. His astounding characteristics in mixing beats and composing music are delicate and highly impressive. The artist seems to have understood the Reggaeton genre’s essence, which is spreading joy and a mood of celebration through music.  


 As mentioned earlier, the song carries joyous music in the background, which turns out to be the song's soul. The musically upbeat track has many such features to talk about. Its theme is positive, and it communicates through its lyrics. The more you listen to it, the more you feel it. The artist has done a brilliant job in every field. His talent and expertise in music are now recognized by people worldwide. Songs like ‘No Limitations’, ‘Beautiful Day’ and others are exceptional.


Dj- Chart has ever been consistent in developing his craftsmanship in every song he has ever composed. The song, ‘Hola Carino’ is one of the best songs he has composed. In the reggaeton genre, his contribution is exemplifying. Well, this artist is not only available on Spotify as his music is played on TV in many countries. Fans, who want to know more about this spectacular artist, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.


Reggaeton Track ‘Hola Carino’ by Artist Dj-Chart Is Musically Upbeat, Joyous, and Cheerful - IssueWire

A positive mood for gray days with catchy tunes. 

The song gets you in the holiday mood and invites you to dance and celebrate. 

The Latin - Reggaeton sound mixed with the great voices of Woody B and Mima Kambay carry the song and make you whistle and sing.

 A positive mood for gray days with catchy tunes. 

The song gets you in the holiday mood and invites you to dance and celebrate. 


The Latin - Reggaeton sound mixed with the great voices of Woody B and Mima Kambay carry the song and make you whistle and sing.


Release date: 04/15/2022


Eine positive Stimmung für graue Tage mit Ohrwurm potential. 

Der Song bringt einen in Ferienstimmung und lädt zum Tanzen und feiern ein. 


Der Latin – Reggaeton Sound gemischt mit den tollen Stimmen von Woody B und Mima Kambay tragen das Lied und lassen einem mit pfeifen und singen. 




Hallo ich habe eine EP für die Ukraine gemacht. Der Erlös wird zu 100% gespendet.

Danke Für Eure Unterstützung. (Songs)

Ivan alias DJ CHART,


Hello I made an EP for Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds will be donated. Thank you for your support. (song) Ivan aka DJ CHART


Ciao ho fatto un EP per l'Ucraina. Il 100% del ricavato sarà devoluto. Grazie per il vostro sostegno. (canzone) Ivan alias DJ CHART





Hier siehst Du die aktuellen Einnahmen seit 25.3.2022 bis 25.4.2022 


NEW ALBUM, House, Vocal House
Wer findet meine Stimme? Bei welchem Song?
Viel Spass beim suchen und hören...
Who finds my voice? On which song?
Have fun searching and listening...

TOP of EDM / Dance / Trance by DJ Chart

The album, if it's too strong, you're too weak.


Seriously, there's a better feeling in the whole world than dancing in a club - or your kitchen - with a crowd of people.

So, you bring the snacks, i bring the hot tracks: This playlist is sure to get everyone in a blast of happy, feverish dancing and movement. The beats are non-stop and the grooves are infectious. Press play and you're guaranteed to get in the party mood wherever you are. It has many new and some remastered songs.

Warning: This album is not suitable for a romantic evening. Except: Sexual Song, FSK 18

 Have fun dancing and partying. Your Ivan aka DJ CHART,

DJ Chart Losing My Religion (Radio Ansag
MP3 Audio Datei 7.6 MB


NEW Album with 18 NEW SONGS

DJ Chart alias Ivan Herb, has created a varied album.

Many musicians from all over the world have collaborated. The musicians are from England, India, Argentina, Nigeria, Spain and Switzerland.


From the bass-heavy dance song to the romantic cuddly song, everything is there. Each of his musicians leaves friends his own note.


Losing my Religion is starting song with the famous Amal Jose. Which has already been highly praised in Rolling Stone magazine. His ingenious unique voice gives the song the wow effect. The lyrics make you think. The prayer Our Father was integrated into the song.


The video for Tennis Winner is a great video with the world's best tennis artist Stefan Bojic. Marvel at what is possible with the ball!



The album includes house (slap house), pop, funk, EDM elements and New 80s Style.

Languages: English, Spanish, German

So listen in & look.




Mein neuestes Lied aus dem kommendem Album. Mit dem berühmten Amal Jose. Der schon im Rolling Stone magazin hoch gelobt wurde. Seine geniale einzigartige Stimme gibt dem Song den Wow Effekt.

Die Lyrics  lassen einem nachdenken. 


My newest song from the upcoming album. With the famous Amal Jose. Which has already been highly praised in Rolling Stone magazine. His ingenious, unique voice gives the song the wow efect. The lyrics make you think.

From Magazin


Captain Jack feat. Loona



Sunny Side Of Life Mini-Album:




29. Januar 2021 Label: Captain Jack digital Distributor:


Kontor New Media



Meine neueste Zusammenarbeit.

Ein Remix von Captain Jack feat. Loona Sunny Side of Life (DJ Chart Tropical House Remix) 


Wobei nur die Stimmen die gleichen sind und ich einen eigenen Song komponiert habe. Hört mal rein . ENJOY


My latest collaboration.

A remix by Captain Jack feat. Loona Sunny Side of Life (DJ Chart Tropical House Remix)  

Only the voices are the same and I've composed my own song.  Listen and ENJOY

Im September 2020 erschien die Single „Sunny Side of Life“ von den beiden 90er Ikonen Captain Jack & Loona. Nachdem der Song in diverse Club- und Radiocharts eingestiegen ist wurde ein Remix-Contest gestartet.


Genre: Dance, Pop (international) 


Pitch facts Captain Jack: • Opening Single zum Album „25 Years Captain Jack" • Captain Jack & Loona, zwei der bekanntesten und erfolgreichsten 90s Artists weltweit

• Pro Jahr ca. 100 Liveshows auf den grössten 90er Festivals europaweit

• 900.000 Spotify listeners pro Monat (Captain Jack)

• Jubiläum: 25 Years Captain Jack • aktueller Youtube Hit: „In The Army Now" über 25 Mio views auf 2 Channels


  • Label I.H. Music Productions


 PR: >>>>>>  



Video  Danger Games - Crime Story

Wie Phönix aus der Asche kommen wir nach wochenlangem Lockdown mit einem RnB-Lovesong und coolem Video dazu im Krimi-Genre wieder zurück. Nichts für schwache Nerven!!! Made in St. Gallen - Schweiz, Enjoy! Love  

Ivan, Larissa & Patrick


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we come back after weeks of lockdown with an RnB love song and a cool video in the crime genre. Nothing for weak nerves!!! Made in St. Gallen -Switzerland Enjoy! Love Ivan ,Larissa & Patrick

Ich war in deinen Gedanken

Ein wunderschöner ruhiger romantischer Song der zum Träumen einlädt. 


Der Sound ist von DJ Chart (Schweiz) komponiert, mit viel Gefühl und mit viel Klavier und Geigen. Die warme angenehme Stimme von Gillian Baci rundet das Lied ab.

I’ve been on your mind
An emotional calm romantic song that invites you to dream. 


The sound is composed by DJ Chart (Switzerland), with a lot of feeling and with a lot of piano and violins. The warm, pleasant voice of Gillian Baci completes the song.




If DJ Chart (Ivan Herb), didn’t make a track like “I’ve Been On Your Mind” ft. Gillian Baci, someone else would have. Never mind that, if one were to look...