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Bitte meinen Song Voten Danke. Pleas Vote my Song. Thanks Losing My Religion. DJ CHART They see your song in the top 40. Then by clicking the green arrow next to the tune’s title they register one vote. Be careful with your vote, you only get one vote every 24 hours! The Top Three Song receive Enhance Exposure on The Radio Station. The Bottom Songs Are Relegated Out of The Charts. For Each Minute that your fans watch A Video by The Artist Extra Votes Are Added. This Will Not Show on The Charts until it is revealed Every Friday at 4 pm when those figures are added in. The new Chart is every Friday 4pm, repeat 9pm & Sunday 6pm. Do not forget that our listeners are hearing your song on UK Talk & Music Radio daily and they too will vote for the songs they like. This of course adds to the vote, and we are promoting your song too. Listen to the charts by going to and click on listen live
DJ Chart Losing My Religion (Radio Ansag
MP3 Audio Datei 7.6 MB


NEW Album with 18 NEW SONGS

DJ Chart alias Ivan Herb, has created a varied album.

Many musicians from all over the world have collaborated. The musicians are from England, India, Argentina, Nigeria, Spain and Switzerland.


From the bass-heavy dance song to the romantic cuddly song, everything is there. Each of his musicians leaves friends his own note.


Losing my Religion is starting song with the famous Amal Jose. Which has already been highly praised in Rolling Stone magazine. His ingenious unique voice gives the song the wow effect. The lyrics make you think. The prayer Our Father was integrated into the song.


The video for Tennis Winner is a great video with the world's best tennis artist Stefan Bojic. Marvel at what is possible with the ball!



The album includes house (slap house), pop, funk, EDM elements and New 80s Style.

Languages: English, Spanish, German

So listen in & look.




Mein neuestes Lied aus dem kommendem Album. Mit dem berühmten Amal Jose. Der schon im Rolling Stone magazin hoch gelobt wurde. Seine geniale einzigartige Stimme gibt dem Song den Wow Effekt.

Die Lyrics  lassen einem nachdenken. 


My newest song from the upcoming album. With the famous Amal Jose. Which has already been highly praised in Rolling Stone magazine. His ingenious, unique voice gives the song the wow efect. The lyrics make you think.

From Magazin


Captain Jack feat. Loona



Sunny Side Of Life Mini-Album:




29. Januar 2021 Label: Captain Jack digital Distributor:


Kontor New Media



Meine neueste Zusammenarbeit.

Ein Remix von Captain Jack feat. Loona Sunny Side of Life (DJ Chart Tropical House Remix) 


Wobei nur die Stimmen die gleichen sind und ich einen eigenen Song komponiert habe. Hört mal rein . ENJOY


My latest collaboration.

A remix by Captain Jack feat. Loona Sunny Side of Life (DJ Chart Tropical House Remix)  

Only the voices are the same and I've composed my own song.  Listen and ENJOY

Im September 2020 erschien die Single „Sunny Side of Life“ von den beiden 90er Ikonen Captain Jack & Loona. Nachdem der Song in diverse Club- und Radiocharts eingestiegen ist wurde ein Remix-Contest gestartet.


Genre: Dance, Pop (international) 


Pitch facts Captain Jack: • Opening Single zum Album „25 Years Captain Jack" • Captain Jack & Loona, zwei der bekanntesten und erfolgreichsten 90s Artists weltweit

• Pro Jahr ca. 100 Liveshows auf den grössten 90er Festivals europaweit

• 900.000 Spotify listeners pro Monat (Captain Jack)

• Jubiläum: 25 Years Captain Jack • aktueller Youtube Hit: „In The Army Now" über 25 Mio views auf 2 Channels


  • Label I.H. Music Productions


 PR: >>>>>>  



Video  Danger Games - Crime Story

Wie Phönix aus der Asche kommen wir nach wochenlangem Lockdown mit einem RnB-Lovesong und coolem Video dazu im Krimi-Genre wieder zurück. Nichts für schwache Nerven!!! Made in St. Gallen - Schweiz, Enjoy! Love  

Ivan, Larissa & Patrick


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we come back after weeks of lockdown with an RnB love song and a cool video in the crime genre. Nothing for weak nerves!!! Made in St. Gallen -Switzerland Enjoy! Love Ivan ,Larissa & Patrick

Ich war in deinen Gedanken

Ein wunderschöner ruhiger romantischer Song der zum Träumen einlädt. 


Der Sound ist von DJ Chart (Schweiz) komponiert, mit viel Gefühl und mit viel Klavier und Geigen. Die warme angenehme Stimme von Gillian Baci rundet das Lied ab.

I’ve been on your mind
An emotional calm romantic song that invites you to dream. 


The sound is composed by DJ Chart (Switzerland), with a lot of feeling and with a lot of piano and violins. The warm, pleasant voice of Gillian Baci completes the song.




If DJ Chart (Ivan Herb), didn’t make a track like “I’ve Been On Your Mind” ft. Gillian Baci, someone else would have. Never mind that, if one were to look...